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DJ Tony Foxx ft. Kees Kraayenoord - Remixed « : Lunes 13 de Oct, 2008, 22:45:03 »

Remixed is a cooperation between K's (Kees Kraayenoord) and DJ Tony Foxx. On this CD are 8 songs from the albums 'Broken' and 'This is my cry', mixed on a fresh and modern way by DJ Tony Foxx. Summer dance, sturdy trance and attractive lounge alternates.

K's: "It's very special to hear your own songs after DJ Tony Foxx has mixed them. The result is a renewed CD to worship God in a modern way."

DJ Tony Foxx want to spread a positive message with his music. A message that does not spur on sex, drugs or alcohol consumption or violence. This makes him different in comparence with other DJ's.


1 K's ft. DJ Tony Foxx - Praises Of The Lamb (lounge remix)

2 K's ft. DJ Tony Foxx - Falling In Love (lounge remix)

3 K's ft. DJ Tony Foxx - Jesus More (dance remix)

4 K's ft. DJ Tony Foxx - The Father's Place (dance remix)

5 K's ft. DJ Tony Foxx - Oh God (dance remix)

6 K's ft. DJ Tony Foxx - This Is My Cry (dance remix)

7 DJ Tony Foxx - Break Anthem (break trance bonus track)

8 K's ft. DJ Tony Foxx - Living Sacrifices (trance remix)

9 K's ft. DJ Tony Foxx - All That I Want (trance remix)

10 DJ Tony Foxx - We Will Win (trance bonus track)


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