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In The Mix With Dj Gedeon Present
"Xtreme Vision God Generation"
Genre Christian Electronic
Year 2008
Label Xtreme Vision Productions
Lenght 1:18:37.453
Version Spansh


1 Dj Elyon / Conforme Al Corazon De Dios (Feat. Jonathan Cid)
2 GEN-XA / Te Amamos Dios
3 Federico Colloca / Espiritu Santo y Fuego
4 Antenna / Cerca De Ti
5 Danilo Motero / Eres Todo Poderoso
6 Rojo / Donde, Como
7 Rojo / Solo Tu
8 Rojo / Mi Existir
9 Maryan / Eleva Mi Alma
10 Doris Machin / El Que Ama Mi Alma
11 Emir Senssi / Nunca Mas
12 Dj Ce Angel / Vulnerable
13 Danilo Montero / Abre Mis Ojos
14 Pedro Neira / Esres Todo
15 Hillsongs / Tomalo
16 Marcos Witt / Vencio
17 Dc Reto / Sin Verguenza
18 Rojo / Yo Soy La Revolucion
19Rojo / Brillare
20 Dj Alelluya / Visto y Oido
21 Dj Elyon / Hacer Fiesta

A Note from Dj Gedeon:

My first mix of 2008. I've been very anxious to make this one. It is a nice blend of Progresisve Trance. I can't lie, I really made this for me :. Also dedicated to those that work in the wee-hours of the AM like myself, designing, mixing, lounging. This one's for you.
Keep supporting musicians, deejays and artists by buying their individual tracks. In no way do I support piracy.

your friendly neighborhood deejay,

Mixed by:
Dj Gedeon
Xtreme Vision Ministries & Studio

Design by:
Xtreme Vision Minitries & Studio

© 2008 All Rights Reserved.
WARNING: For private home use only. Federal law provides severe civil and criminal
penalties for the unauthorized reproduction, distribution or exhibition of copyrighted material.
All songs are property of their respective owners and in no way, sh


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