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TobyMac - Portable Sounds With Bonus Remixes (2008)Artist: TobyMac
Album: Portable Sounds with Bonus Remixes
Release Date: December 2, 2008
Quality: 192 Kbps

A New release of Portable Sounds for TobyMac this time with some more tracks. Enjoy it, and if you like it than follow your instinct and Buy it!

Track Listing:
1. One World feat. Siti Monroe
2. Made To Love
3. Boomin Opera Trip Interlude
4. Im For You
5. Face Of The Earth Chuck @ Artist Development Interlude
6. No Ordinary Love feat. Nirva Dorsaint-Ready
7. Ignition
8. HypeMan (truDog 07)
9. Suddenly
10. All In (Letting Go) Mr. Talkbox Interlude
11. Feelin So Fly
12. No Signal
13. Lose My Soul feat. Kirk Franklin & Mandisa Afterparty
14. Boomin (Bonus Remix) feat. Shonlock
15. Ignition (Bonus Remix)

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